Horse Trailer Financing Questions and More

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Can you ship my living quarters horse trailer?
YES!  The trailers can be shipped directly from our factory in Elkhart IN to any where in the USA and Canada.  We can also ship internationally.  Please call for current rates.

Why don't you offer free shipping?
We don't include the cost of shipping in the price of our trailers in order to save our customers even more money.  This allows us to precisely calculate the cost of delivery depending upon each customer's location.  We can keep the prices of our horse trailers for sale even lower by not having a generalized shipping charge included in the price.  

Can I pickup my living quarters horse trailer?
YES!! You can save even more money by picking up your trailer directly at our factory. We welcome visitors and can arrange tours of our factory so you may veiw the construction process of your trailer.  Please remember that in order to give our customers the best possible prices, shipping and delivery costs are not included in the prices of the trailers. 

How long will it take to get my living quarters horse trailer?
Trailers Purchased from inventory can be delivered immediately.  For custom ordered horse trailers, please allow for a 6 to 8 weeks delivery time frame.  We often have trailers already in the construction process.  This can decrease the delivery time to just a few weeks, while still allowing you to customize your trailer.

Do you offer horse trailer financing?
Our company works with a number of lenders to make certain that your financing needs can be met.  We also offer 100% financing, and we provide options for clients with challenged credit.  The first step is to fill out and submit the credit application. You can apply online to begin the process of getting a loan for your trailer. 
We can accept your application via phone or fax.
Please call and a customer service representative will assist you.
PHONE: 406-431-0447

Can I trade in my used horse trailer?
In the best interest of our customers, we do not accept trades.  Instead of playing the trade-in game, we choose to offer the lowest possible prices. It is in your best interest to sell your horse trailer on your own. Having your horse trailer under-valued or paying to much for your new horse trailer during the trade in process can be frustrating. 

How come your prices are so much lower? 
For years, horse trailers have been sold under the standard Dealer Ship Model which has pitted dealers against each other to compete for your business.  We have created a national inventory pool.  By setting low factory direct prices to ensure the customers get the best possible price,  this has allowed dealers and factory sales reps to work together to provide you with the exact trailer you need at unbeatable prices.

Does my horse trailer come with a warranty?
Yes, all of our horse trailers come with a full 3 year structural & frame warranty, along with a 1 year components warranty. Extended  components warranties are available.  In the unlikely event that your trailer would need to be serviced, simply contact us and we can help you locate a qualified RV Dealer/Repair Shop in your area.  We will then help arrange for the warranty work to be completed as quickly as possible. Please remember that all warranty work must first be preapproved by a representative from our company. 

Do you have Questions or need additional assistance?
Please call and a customer service representative will assist you.