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The horse trailer manufacturing industry has changed dramatically over the years.  In the 70'S,  horse trailers just like automobiles were constructed of all steel and prone to rust.   In an effort to solve this problem the all aluminum trailer was introduced.  All aluminum trailers were resistant to rust but other problems arose.  The aluminum was brittle and could shear under heaver loads or extended use and the cost of aluminum was nearly three times that of steel.  While advances in the tensile strength of aluminum have made today's all aluminum horse trailers more durable, cost still remains to be a problem for conscious buyers.

What is the solution?
Trail Rider Horse Trailers has taken 
advantage of advances in materials
 which now allow for a new type of 
construction called Composite Steel
 Construction.  The horse trailers are 
constructed using a durable steel 
frame with a porous surface.

Rust Resistant Primer
The steel is first sprayed with a rust resistant zinc based primer and then painted with a heavy duty etching enamel paint that  forms a tight barrier to protect against the elements.
Truck Bed Liner
To ensure extended wear and durability a thick truck bed liner coating is applied to all exposed steel surfaces. 

Powder Coated Aluminun Skin Panels
Powder coated aluminum skin panels are used to enclose the trailer.  This provides an attractive glossy finish for your horse trailer that is easy to clean. 

Seamless One Piece Roof
At Trail Rider Horse Trailers we use a seamless one piece roof system to offer protection for  your living quarters horse trailer under all weather conditions. 

Name Brand Appliances

We use only Name brand appliances & hardware to ensure that your living quarters horse trailer will provide you with years of long lasting use.

AL-KO Rubber Torsion Axles
We use AL-KO Rubber Torsion Axles for their  long lasting strength and to ensure a the smoothest possible ride for your horses even on the roughest of roads.
The features of the AL-KO Rubber Suspension Axle include the hexagonal outer tube which houses three separate rubber cords at each end of the axle. This provides 120 degree angles in which the rubber cord can roll. The wider angles optimize the shock absorption capability by allowing increased swing arm travel. This unique design is easily identifiable as an AL-KO product. As depicted here, the axle offers fully independent suspension and virtually eliminates side to side shock transfer. AL-KO offers capacities from 500 to 8,000 pounds per axle.
Information courtesy of AL-CO KOBER Corporation.